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January 21, 2017


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Alison C.

Grateful to see you post again Mr. SP!! I was very worried, but your statistics show that you're still sober, and that's the most important thing. Welcome back and Happy Birthday!

Sam M.

Happy birthday and I'm so glad you're back! It's like we get a present for your birthday.


Happy Birthday! Just thought to check and see if you had posted and here you are!


Happy birthday! Lovely to see a new post - and up to celebratory form. I'm enjoying the archives anyway, but it's good to know the blog is still live occasionally. I'm assuming your "other" writing career is taking up your energy - I hope it is going as well as you deserve.xx


You were truly missed over these last few months. Your writings are such a great way to start the day whether current or past. So hope you had a joyous birthday and this year will be the best.


Happy birthday and welcome back. In whatever form your "back" means to you Mr. Sponsorpants.
I am filled with gratitude myself. On a daily basis.

Paul S

Welcome back and happy birthday! Funny, I just got back to my blog after a very long hiatus myself. The universe is shifting about - nice to see the birds returning to the nests.



Yay! Welcome back. Keep coming back!


Happy Birthday, Mr.SP, and many more!


Congratulations and welcome back :)

Keith R

Glad you are back, been checking for updates and happy to see these last few posts. I always enjoy your writing, on point.


Happy birthday! My mom and I often laugh with the thought of referring to our adult age like we do toddlers. "How sweet little Mr Sponsorpants?" "He's great. He's 346 months today."

Ivan Toblog

Missed yourself, we did.


Welcome back, missed your witty and sage comments!


I'm so glad you're back. Happy belated birthday.



Karla Kuriger

SO glad you're back, and congrats on 55 and 29!!
Karla K. from Coal City, IL


I don't know about anyone else, but I worry when you disappear. Perhaps you could post a "Taking a break" message? As an act of service? Also, thanks for mentioning your age and Happy Birthday! It's younger than I thought and alleviates my worry that you've keeled over from old age and we would never know out here on the web.

I visit at least once a week for me and mine your archives when I need help with a sponsee. Your blog IS an act of service and for almost 7 years I've traveled with you, though you didn't know it. Thanks for all you've done.

David N

Welcome back! Your sharing and writing is super helpful.... thank you.


Happy birthday. Sorry I don't check this blog as often as I used to. But it was good to see two new posts. Again happy birthday and many more!


To all the worriers, he said he was going to start posting less frequently because he's got other commitments. I'm grateful when I come here I get to see something. Ironically I was reading his book and decided to Check the blog.

I guess it's all in the expectations. Love you Mr. Sponsorpants. It's always good to hear from you.

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