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January 24, 2017


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Kenneth Moring

it helps me to know that Im a part of something in Gods plan. Happy to see you back. Happy belated birthday. GB

Ken Weidman

Happy Birthday and good to see you back. I'll be 55 this year physically, 2 soberly, and 14-20 emotionally. Catch ya later.

ward ryan

Good to see back; I just happened to check by.
If I make it to the end of the month, it will be cake and coffee time with a pretty red chip for 29 years.
Who woulda ever thought it?


HAPPY 29 years clean and sober and honest about it Mr. sponsorpants!
Thank you for the years that you've touched my life. Your fingerprints are all over me.


Excited to see a new post. Hope you stay back on your blog for your writing has helped me immensely. Even ran off to get your book.


Miss you Mr Sponsorpants.


Please come back.

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