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June 01, 2016


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Peter Massey

Much can be determined by an individual's plan. I found that there is, in fact, a difference. Once, I'd state my goal is to 'try' not to drink today. Now, I say I 'will not' drink today. Plan to succeed, rather than avoid a fail. Sometimes, it's the objective that adjusts my stuborn mindset, and gets me through the day. If this helps another reader today, 'Perfect' !


Ah Mr S. Another fine post. I miss the frequency of your posting, but that is on me.

As usual this post can be taken on many levels. Of course it pertains to drinking, but to me (who was mostly relieved of the compulsion to drink) it means those thinking/behavioral cycles that I'm always catching myself doing. In other words my alcoholic thinking patterns.



Today, there are those very special divine times where I win and learn... Which may be a change in my perspective due to this program. Those times I charish.

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