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March 08, 2016


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I find myself coming back to this often. It has become powerful to me. Thank you,

Secret Quitter

Your blog is helping me. I celebrated 3 weeks last Friday. I am still coming to grips with what I am, and what all of this means. Like you, I've found a creative outlet that's been therapeutic for me through my blog, Secret Quitter. I am ready, and doing this, and am vulnerable and afraid. The more I write, the more I know I am making the right decision. The more I am unraveling just how serious the co-dependency was becoming. I am hoping to become a part of this wonderful sobriety on-line community, and gain support, and be able to offer my support to others. So I offer my support to you today, in gratitude, and also in cheer for your many years of sobriety. I aim and hope to be where you are someday. Best, Secret Quitter (SQ)

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