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February 04, 2016


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That was lovely, Mr. SP. A relapsed AA asked me to sponsor them last night....of course, I feel blessed, cursed, and afraid they'll find out what a goddamn fraud I am. I really needed to hear about my implacable, inescapable ego. Thank you so much.

Drew A.

Nice post Mr. SP. I have to say I was glad to read an update on SBP. I started following your blog around the time you began sharing your experience with SBP and have about the same time in recovery as he does. I find myself interested in his journey and am happy to hear he's well. Thanks for the post!


"Pay in the wrong coin; measure with the other yardstick" - ouch! yep, that's me. I do see through my own bullshit a bit quicker these days, but thanks for those phrases - I find having a cogent label always helps me spot a defect at work more effectively. And I was glad to hear about SBP too.

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