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February 18, 2016


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Linda D

Thank you for all the inspiration. And best of luck as you trudge the road forward to whatever awaits! :)


I've been reading you daily since 2008 and it has been thought-provoking and inspiring to say the least. Thank you very much for your commitment! Today seems to be a day for a couple of big changes in my life! So I look forward to what life brings me. So far, when I've been willing, I have been completely awed at what has happened in my life... So I thank you for the impact you've made in my life and it has been my privilege !

Cheers Mr. SponsorPants.


i think the last lines sums it up...Love, Mr. SponsorPants.
Thank you


Thank you for your excellent blog. You've been a big part of my path and my coffee club friends path (whether they like it or not):-)


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Thankyou for all your efforts!
Reading your blog has been part of my daily routine since late 2012. Looking forward to further developments!


Recovery has changed the way I look at life and my daily routines. Your writings and observations are some of things I look forward to most and will continue to. Thank you for it all whether 7 days/wk, 5 days/wk or whatever...I will keep checking in :-)


I only discovered you a year or so ago and realised at once I had struck gold. Browsing the archives is a little treat I allow myself ocasionally - I have discovered so much that is amusing, poignant, and very helpful. Yes, in the early posts I can "hear" a little nervousness - but even they are more useful, sincere and entertaining than most bloggers. In the archives I've just got to the bit where you ask for feedback on "Hilda and Maureen" and mention the homeless couple you fed. 28 comments! I don't suppose you did that again! I LOVE Giblet and Dumpling - they merit a book to themselves. So much here of value. I treasure your wisdom and wish you every good thing.


So long and thanks for all the fish! (I will check back, but it will be less and less over time.....)It's been great- I love your writing and wisdom. Best wishes!

Kathy G

I will be thrilled with whatever shows up in my feed reader (and whenever it shows up) if it has your name attached to it.


Thank you for your service


Aw Mr. SP, this makes me a little sad (yes, I am selfish). A cup of coffee and reading your blog has been my favorite way to start my day for several years. Even when I chose to relapse, I still started my day with coffee and your blog. I will still check in daily to see if you have written and on the days you haven't I will read the oldies but goodies. Thank you!


Lol Susan for the Douglas Adams reference. Mr S also posted one Yesterday. Gotta love Douglas Adams fans.


Mr S you are a great writer. I've been checking in since late 2010. That's 5+ years. I remember when you took a break. That was painful in a way.

Thank you so so much for the past 8 years. You helped save my life. You opened me up to many aspects about my own life and recovery. This is 12 step work at its finest.

Could you please post some of the other blogs that you recommend. Love in Recovery.


Jim P

Well Done sir !

Rich b

Hey Mr. SP
Only just found you last year, and the blog after finding your book on Amazon...so will watch out for the second one.
Your writing has inspired me...I have learned from you while I laughed...and cried sometimes as well. I think your insight is blessed and has helped me enormously. I'm very grateful to you. May your God continue to bless you.
Very best

Kaia T

Seems like I'm the newbie around here (since Nov), but I've been so grateful for the pearls of wisdom mixed with a healthy dose of humor. Your holiday survival guide was a big help, for me and for those in my home group with whom I shared it. I've loved diving into the archives on weekends, so I'll just do that more often, and I'll be extra grateful for new posts. Thank you so much for your service, and best wishes for you in your new endeavors!

Darlene K

I for one found your blog sometime ago and if someone can make me laugh thats a win on both sides. I check in every few days,quote you on FB with mention of course. Thanks and look forward to the new and refreshed :)


Your blog was my main contact with a recovered 12-stepper for years, and meant so much to me. Last fall I finally started going to meetings, reading the literature and even got a sponsor. Writing 5/7 was an amazing service, thank you!!!! Best wishes in your next chapter as you continue to serve in new ways. I will probably check in on Sunday mornings. ((((MrSponsorpants)))


Thanks for your honesty and your ability to put it into words. You've helped me a lot and I am very grateful for your writing and effort.
Thank you Mr.SP😊🙏🏻


I got sober in 2010 and your blog was one of the first things I found online. You have been a sponsor for me. Thank you so much and I look forward to your next book.

Lauren Chane

I just realized I've been checking back in with your blog since 2010. My first sponsee to make it to the 5th step was coming in an hour and I started to panic because I hadn't gone over proper listening protocol with my sponsor (My hands! What do I do with my hands!?) I called her but, no answer. I googled 'how to listen to a 5th step' and inadvertently found this blog. I have laughed and cried reading it ever since. I'm almost 9 yrs into this thing now. I've never written anything to you, but want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Not that I haven't had great sponsorship, but you helped clarify the principles and how to live them for me. Oh man, I could go on and on (not surprisingly for an alcoholic). Can't wait for what's next. Much love, Lauren C- St. Augustine FL


I have only commented 1-2 times but have read your blog entries regularly (but not daily) for years. My Home Group (for Women) has a secret FB page and I often share your stuff there. Those ~70 ladies love your stuff too. I have your book and will look forward to the next. We live in the Portland OR area and would love to have you come speak in our area sometime. Let me know if you think you could swing that.

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