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July 08, 2015


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I have mulled this over all day... I've made some big, positive changes in my working of my program recently in an effort to get what you've called "a powerful, vibrant connection with the spirituality I blah blah about". I blah blah about lots of things with friends and about how I want a bigger and better this and that, but it always boils down to having a better spiritual connection with my higher power...
I am happier and more at ease with my life at this moment than I've ever been before in my 25 years in AA. But looking around the rooms I recognize that very few really reach for the AA brass ring, and I am reaching for that brass ring. I want more. I want a depth and breadth of spirituality that I rarely see. It is actually a little daunting and very exciting.
Thank you for your writing today Mr. SponsorPants... I need to be mindful of this prong of my program. It can get overwhelming at times thinking of all there is to do if I am to really go for the depth and breadth I hope for. Today, I am willing....

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