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June 23, 2015


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I've stolen several analogies from you over these years . This one will be the next one! It resonates with me. But my all time favorite, stolen from you, stolen from your friend: "The destination is clearly printed on the ticket, so don't act all surprised when you get there."
I'm still waiting for an original AA thought. After 25 years sober, one would think I would've had at least one by now. But then, all my original thoughts earned me a seat in the rooms...
Thank you for all you do Mr. Sponsorpants.


Ditto everything Cameron said, including 25 years - wow! His comment REALLY drives home that truth to me...again. I am trying to give attribution when I can remember where the heck I've heard or read something that I now own for myself. But, as happened last week leading a meeting, Something popped into my head that I had to tell people came from somebody else. And my very best thinking kept me drunk and alone far too long.

Virginia Gillick

I heard her say this when she used to do those talks at Harmony Gold in 1989. I never forgot it, but I see I did not quite remember it properly. I always think of it as, "If it is your train, you will catch it even if you are at the wrong station." Hmmm. or maybe she switched it around that night. Either way, it is a good thought for the letting go process.

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