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June 12, 2015


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Been going through some of the same thoughts/feelings lately, myself. It seems that that "inner resource" is buried a little deeper than I may appreciate. Reading "How to Practice" by the Dalai Lama is helping put some things in perspective for me. I look forward to each week day's thoughts. Thank you for plodding onward!!


Mr. S - New to your site and wanted to say I appreciate it! You related in this post, something similar to what I have experienced. At a very difficult moment in my life, about 13 years ago I found myself thinking, "I got sober for this?" And immediately I felt that I received a "mental message" in response. It was, "Yeah, you did". I felt a peace that was beyond what I could have manufactured, especially given the circumstances. Thank you again for the site and this post. Always good to know we're not alone in our experiences. All the best to you!


Maybe you were expecting, say....build an ark?


Often its difficult to view 'staying the course' as the message, casting off those doubts. The big book warns us of the devious ways of our inner adversaries. After reading your message, I am ever reminded how important it is to be grateful. And that the circumstance that allowed gratitude is humility. And that, is a gift more than a burden. None of us are 'sure' how sobriety will present it's opportunities but we're sure as heck confident how getting loaded will ruin them. Stay strong Mr.S.


I hope this means the blogging will continue! Thank you.

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