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February 12, 2015


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Annie Mouse

Thanks for putting it in words so the rest of us remember how.


Thank you for reminding me to focus on what I believe, and of my own need to surrender.


Truly amazing writing. Thanks.


Powerful! I can identify with a lot. Thank you.


I know what I felt reading your tale... pretty darned awesome!
And I echo (Annie's) sentiment.
Cleaning of the ego allows one (me) to put it away for a while, if even a short while. And that frees me to feel life more akin to reality, than I do while controlling (trying to) it!

Bobby D

Well, my friend, once again, you channeled my feelings exactly. Thanks for blessing me. Again.

Kaia T

Thank you for this, Mr Sponsorpants. I love your imagery of throwing the items from your list into the fire. I'll definitely be trying this. I spend many a night at 3 am worrying over my list, and I would be grateful for the outcome of falling asleep in the middle of the exercise.

Good food for thought on self-will run riot and trying to manipulate God, too, but I'll save that for waking hours.

I shared this with my 84-yr-old mother, who makes herself miserable with worry. I hope it helps bring her some peace.

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