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September 26, 2014


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This post was hilarious, and insightful, as usual with you.


I'll have what you're having. I mean I want what you have. I feel like I was there with you, and knew you both.
ps, the gorgeous carrot cake pic really does remind me I sacrifice regular eating of it, shiver with each mouthful as a more occasional treat, and feel the happiness in my body everyday of doing it like that.

Jen Wilson

Dear Mr. SponsorPants,

I just stumbled across your blog on Mrs. D Goes Without. I read this post first and must say, I almost peed my pants. I am Mrs. Sponsorpants and Old Irish is my BFF of more than 25 years. I think we have had this exact conversation, in fact. Love your writing. Needed the laugh. Keep up the great work!

Jen Wilson
Clumsy Christian

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