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July 23, 2014


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Annie Mouse

Oy Vay! I needed to hear that today. I've been told my "sorry" is an invisible statement...that I say it so much it has lost meaning! Think I will meditate on this some more. Thanks so much for posting!

Mark in Rochester.

I felt like this was written for me too! Tks.

John V

Oy Vay and I'm not even Jewish. I woke up today with my face in the fear and the way I responded to all my life, knowing it cannot go on but also knowing that I have known for so long and feel almost powerless to change. Worse yet I have a beautiful 19 year old son who uses the same currency. Thank you for the lovely poem and a bit of hope today.
John V. from Huntington

Mary Donelle Ramsay

I have told people (as a "joke" to avoid the inevitable blow) that my name is Mary "sorry" R.
This reflection on being "sorry" as a way of living really brings back a lot. Someone else said " your whole way of being is "I'm sorry for living"
Seeing it now in print, ( this state of being,) makes me sad. But the affirmations give me hope. Maybe I can make them mine, a little st a time.

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