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February 07, 2014


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What a kind and respectful response. I love your version of the 3rd step prayer....even though I have a traditional HP. I only comment occasionally but know that I appreciate every word you share here.


A great post, thanks mr sp. I read your blog daily but don't generally comment. I'm 3 years sober and although I don't consider myself an atheist, I would call myself a skeptical agnostic. As such I appreciate this post and would like to add my 2 cents re: prayer.

My sponsor has urged me to pray whether or not I believe anyone is listening. And what I've finally come to understand is that regardless of whether or not there's anybody listening, I am listening. Although I find it extremely difficult to believe that there is any supreme being that will come down and fiddle around with the world in response to my needs or desires, I've come to believe that prayer is important anyway. Because if what I'm praying for is an attitude of acceptance, for my heart to soften, and for me to find opportunities to be of service to others, I'm not asking for some external being to come down and fiddle around with anything at all. I'm just asking for help in adjusting my attitude to more closely resemble the person I'd like to be. If there is some external universal force that, as a result of my prayer, makes this change in my heart--great! But if in fact it's just me making the change in myself, that's good too.

Thanks again for writing this blog. I really really missed you when you took that long hiatus--I'm so happy you're back.

Jennifer Benson

Hello. I have been utilizing your blog for my new role as sponsor. I am grateful for the wisdom you and your followers afford me. I am an atheist with just over one yr. and my sponsees are believers. It may seem that would make things very easy for me, but I need all the support and ideas I can get, because I do not feel always confident. You help bolster me with simple terminology that blend the 2 ideologies.

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