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October 23, 2013


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Tricia C.

Amazing, thank you.

Maria B

Right on! Thank you so much for saying that. My pre-existing eating disorder got WAY worse after I got sober. I am in both AA and OA now and I don't know what I would do without either of them. PS your book and blog both rock!


A note to the person who sent this question - you dont even have to muster up the courage to go out to an OA meeting. Try joining a video meeting at www.intherooms.com on Tuesday or Thursday evenings or any of the SEVEN chat room meetings every day at http://www.oa12step4coes.org/


Thanks to both of you. That was a perfect response (for me anyway but I didn't write the question of course :-). Especially the part of looking in the mirror. I don't seem to have food addiction but I had those wheels turning in my teens and reading this question brought up some horrible memories of how I used to talk to myself. I was just mean, meaner than I have ever been to anyone.

Also... I am in Al-Anon and some of the wisest ladies I have come to know come over from OA. I do hope that you (the questioner) find the strength just to push yourself a little bit further into another program. I do not think you will be sorry you did. You deserve the relief, and I hope you find it.

Also online programs is where I got my start in my program. I used to spend hours online reading and writing posts and that ended up being what I would do instead of going ballistic on my husband. Never underestimate the power of not feeling alone and having something better to do than to torture ourselves.

Lots of love and fellowship to you both.


I must be going to the wrong OA meetings - we get to blow out a candle but we don't get a pineapple!!!

Mr. SponsorPants

Or the right ones!

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