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August 28, 2013


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That was a seriously moving, insightful post. I also know the struggles of a losing your faith, and even though I have since moved on, this post was still an excellent kick in the right direction. Wonderful advice.


A poem I wrote recently regarding my newly born tiniest bit of belief...

The Promise

Trusting in,
surrendering to
That which can never
Be seen
Or known
Not held
Nor touched
Neither smelled
Nor tasted…
Is like ambling into the vast ocean
On the night of a new moon.
Only the tiniest sliver of light
From an unknown source
To guide my way.
Like the pull of the moon on the tides
I am drawn toward that vast unknown.
Called by the promise that You
Are the only one to fulfill
That never to be quelled yearning
Of my heart.


I have been finding myself in that same place lately. It is not a comfortable place. My only option here, is to wait quietly till things change. I have been in this place before and I know they will. The waiting is the hardest part.


Such a nice post, for all of us who have lost faith for a while, and gained it back better, deeper and stronger than ever before. I love one man's advice: Simply ask God if He is real to show you. The results can be astounding.

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