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August 16, 2013


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AWESOME! I didn't know I could get the Kindle app free on my iPad! Learn something new... Anyway, VERY excited about your book and VERY interested in an audio version. I get so much from your sharing and unlike a meeting, I can go back "listen" to you share again! I have been listening 4 years in October. When I found your blog and wrote you about going to Al-Anon because of my son's addiction and how much of what you say rings true for me....you wrote me back! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can feel your writing is from the heart and is authentic and true AND funny or I would not still be reading the blog. Glad you are out there.


Well its about time! Congratulations Mr.Sponsorpants. I've been waiting for you to write a book and was excited when you first alluded it. So it's purchased, now to download it! And when I figure out how to give a book on Kindle as a gift, I'll purchase several more. I will recommend you, your blog and your book, and your sobriety to many. I have read your blog soon after it began years ago and you are an important part of my sobriety. Thank you Mr.Sponsorpants. If Mr.Sponsorpants is going to throw a party, I'm definitely coming!


I'm buying it as soon as I have typed this!

Looking forward to the audio version which I will also buy. Have often wished I could hear you share.


Hey Mr SP - did you forget to put a link to the Amazon page?


I give praise and thanks to your Higher Power for all that is accomplished through YOU... CONGRATULATIONS, this is beautiful!


It is already a learning experience as Peggy said. I had no clue I could get the Kindle App on my phone. So excited to be getting so hip. I can only voice what the others have said. Congrats, thanks for publishing and looking forward to audio version.


Awesome! Going to go buy it now.

p.s. Stop apologizing for publishing as an ebook. All the best writers are doing it these days. :)

Tricia C.

Congratulations. I just purchased and will spread the word.


Good for you. Glad that you are moving forward with writing.


So wonderful! Today i was talking with my best friend about your blog and recommending that he check you out. I just bought the book to share with him. thanks for being out there for me to find.


Okay... cool!
I couldn't even wait to finish reading this post
I had to grab my Kindle and get your book
Thank you

I started blogging sometime around the same time you did ...kinda for similar reasons
The main difference is my blog isn't nearly as useful as yours

Sister Mary Bonster

I KNEW that's what you were up to!!
My favorite character is Skatepup. I am he in female version,..um...somewhat :) if you saw my piercings and tattoos you'd understand. As soon as we download the Kindle App....we'll buy it! How cool to have been a reader of your blog and now you're going to be FAMOUS!!! Are you still gonna be cool like that? J/K... Congratulations!!


Yayyyy!!! I just downloaded it and can NOT wait to dive in. Thank you!!!


Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! This is awesome! Frankly, I would love the audiobook.

And as for all the anonymity stuff, your logic is right on. Hey, Al-Anon changed my life, and I wish everybody knew how much help there is in AA and Al-Anon. Your story is your story, and I'm glad you are sharing it. Bravo!

Elizabeth C

so happy for you and so glad to support you! Now I have you on my phone and kindle so I can take you wherever!

will be sure to let all my friends at intherooms.com :)


Wonderful news!! Will definitely purchase. PLEASE do the audio, this is the time we (I) need you most. Driving is too much time alone with my head... I need another voice, the one in my head can't always be trusted. Thanks for sharing


Read your post yesterday and bought it immediately! Happiness abounds! I love this blog, it has been a big help for the last 4 years. Congratulations and love ya!

Ms. Sponsorpanties

Yeah!! Sitting vigil in the ICU with my sister. Checked out the blog and downloaded the book. I'm looking forward to it and the audio when it comes out. Thank you for sharing your experience strength and hope in such a tangible way. Hope it sells a gazillion copies so we can look for the sequel. Or screenplay!


Glad to see you published the book. I downloaded it and have enjoyed it so far. Cheers


Mr. SP, I had never bought an e-book or put a Kindle app on my phone, but I did it and bought your book 3 nights ago. It was easy! I keep reading it when I should be doing other things. Your book is funny, enlightening, wonderful; and you are such a enjoyable writer. You are a beautiful soul, and I wish I could meet you. Thanks for writing such a great blog and book.


I just bought it! Can't wait to read it! Thank you!!


It's downloading as I type. I can't wait to read it. Congrats my friend!


I admire you for living your dream, you will do so well and I hope to see you composing more books in the future!


The first e-book I ever bought (I think :-P ). Anyway, the most meaningful, considering your service in writing has been helping to save my life these days. You. rock.


Yaaaaaay, I'm so glad you did it!


OMG, you wrote a book! I am going to buy it right now!


This is great! A Mr. Sponsorpants book! Mr. Sponsorpants is published! Yippee! Although I will be buying the book today, I would really love love love the audio book. I have a long commute and listen to a speaker or audio book almost everyday. To hear a Mr. Sponsorpants book would be close to nirvana for me. Thanks, Mr.SP!


Sir, looking forward to reading this and putting it up on my blog for others to find. And when I do, I'm going to include a link on the book cover so people can click through. much appreciation and respect, /G


Got it! Actually, the book popped up on kindle and that's how I found your blog! So happy to have found both! Although I do a lot of internet, for some reason I never looked for sobriety blogs, and I'm glad to have found you. happy sobriety!


Congratulations! You've worked so hard! I'm so proud! I knew you when! When you were still fabulous, actually. That hasn't changed.


congratulations. I have followed you for years and got a lot from your blog. How soon can you get the audiobook up and available please??
Demanding, UK

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