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May 03, 2013


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Right on. I like what Stuart Davis says in "Love Has No Opposite" about working with the ego instead of against it. Take what you like & leave the rest as they say :)



The Book Book actually suggests reading outside spiritual literature for those who want to. I find that helpful, to each his own. The major traditions, East and West, have dealt with this issue for centuries and have come up with some suggestions. Search around.


Ego is only a function of the mind that can't be avoided. It's not simply negative. That's a gross oversimplification. It's just self perception, positive and negative. I always assume, when people talk about "smashing" the ego, what they're really talking about is arrogance or being self centered.


I'm not clear on why exactly I should put my ego in the passenger seat. Aside from the obvious ugliness of a narcisistic personality, what reward do I get for all that work? Show me the prize, not the pain!
Eric from Arlington

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