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January 24, 2013


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Tricia C.

Something that really helped me when I first started was a video (can't find it, sorry) that explained about our limited focus. Some of more than others, but there is a limit. Mine is two LOL. So the trick was to focus on my breathing and then focus on my heartbeat. They said to continue and focus on what your skin was feeling, the sounds around you and so on. I tapped out at two, heart and breath and nothing else got in. For me, meditation is about being present - right now - no past, no future, just be. I do that for a bit and then finish my meditation by setting my intentions for the day. It was pretty difficult at first to a)not feel stupid for sitting there in the lotus position and b) to quiet my mind. I started with short times and then increased them doing the "focus on breath, focus on heart" and pretty soon it was part of my daily activities and I began trying new things, like setting my intentions. I hope it helps! I agree with Mr. SP, there is no wrong way to do it. Even a simple 5 second close your eyes and very deep inhale can give you a quick reset.

Deborah (aka Tawanda Bee)

or... "Breathe in the Holy Spirit and breathe out the BS."


Check out 11stepmeditation.org

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