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November 11, 2012


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Welcome back, Mr SP. I'm glad nothing dramatic happened to you, and that you were getting in with life. That's much better reason not to blog than some of the things that we were worrying about.


Mr Sponsorpants, so glad you're back!!

dAAve u

What a wonderful surprise when I saw that you had posted.
I'm VERY glad you're back.
I'm gladder that you are still alive and still sober.

When friends (and I consider you a friend) disappear from my life without explanation, my mind usually goes to the worst of extremes. So, of course, I'm relieved. If you decide to leave us again, please warn us, if you can.


Good that you are back. Reading Bukowski's biography is like a train wreck. But so many of the greats were train wrecks of one sort or the other.


LOL, I'm tempted to sound like my own mother: "Don't you know you had us worried SICK?"

But no lectures--just glad everything is OK with you, and I know you have a lot of people who missed your daily posts. I get a LOT of email, including a few things I subscribe to (you know--inspirational stuff like daily comic strips), and I always saved the feed from this blog for last, like dessert. It generally gave me a good way to start the day.

Hugs, we missed ya!


Glad you're back here and w/o drama & trauma.


I have missed your wise counsel every day, for four months... Glad you're "back"!


I click on the link to your blog daily without thinking most times, and this morning when it wasn't the ass falling off into a bag post I felt my heart stop for a second.

So so so grateful and glad you're back, Mr SP! Mostly for my own selfish gains from your selfless reflections, but also because in this great wild wonderful world this side of heaven you're okay!

Much love from a grateful alanon. ~M.


well sounds like the Aliens wiped your memory... that was kind of them :) Good to have you back.


Great to have you back, glad nothing bad happened.

I suppose we could say that our prayers for you have been answered.....

How does it feel reading something akin to your own obituary? He, he.


Welcome back, for as long as you can stay. Missed you.


Oh gosh!! I'm so overjoyed! So happy!
I really really missed you! Really!
Signing on today to read archives....and there you were....well, I'm just overjoyed.
I'm still sober, I've gained two new sponsees both of whom have benefitted from your archives.
Keep trudging my friend


Not affected at all. Beautiful moving prose with impressive visuals.

What relief & delight to find you back at the typepad. You do indeed make a difference to the world.

Hugs, and take care.


Dear Mr SP,

My own blog absence I explained to myself using the leaving of my marriage as a reason, but I think that truly, it was more becaose I missed one day, another, then a week, then forgot to even look for a while.

So for me, your return is both a catalyst and a delight.

Kary May

Well, if there's a silver lining to your absence it's that there was such concern expressed on several message boards that a lot of people probably checked out your site to see what all the hub-bub was about, me included.

I'm glad I did.

Lisa H.

I was choosing to believe you took a break and good lord, I'm glad that's all it was. We missed the crap outta you. Welcome back, for however long you choose to write! You complete me. Wait. More stepwork in order...or Al-Anon. Happy Day!


thank you.
live your life, but just poke your nose in so we don't worry.


Suffering as I do from the tendency to awfulize, yes, I was worried. Thrilled to have you back here and grateful for all that you do.


Something told me to give a check in today... I always knew you were just taking a break. Hopefully more events will spur inspirations for writing. be well.


So relieved that you are back. Thank you.


yay you're back! so nice to see you here again!


As said at the tables so many times, "Glad you're here!". No allegations about the absence, just relief over the return!


I don't think I knew how important you were (are to me) until you disappeared. Welcome back.


OMG YAY. When I saw TWO new posts by you in my reader I was so happy! Didn't want to pressure you, but yeah, I was pretty worried. Thank God you are okay.

deb smith

welcome back have missed you and your blog

recovering jezebel

OH THANK GOD. And welcome home.

(Also, I totally agree with you about Timon of Athens.)


Just another reader who is glad you're back.

Tricia C.

Gratitude abounds. So very glad to see you back.

Debbie G

Extremely excited to see a post from you here....seriously made my day. Missed you much!


Welcome back. So glad to see you posting again!

John A.

"...that he was raised on the third day..." Well who's counting. Me too thanks for your expressions. Welcome to hear you again. Keep coming back!


I am SO glad that you are all right; I don't fault you for having a life at all, but your posts have meant a great deal to me...and it really made me think, I wish he'd had time to make a book out of his posts, as I frequently talk about a point or two you've made over the years. I do hope you think about that, of doing a book, so your wonderful wisdom (and great sense of humor) would be saved for others to enjoy...


Oh MR. SP, I am so glad you are back! So very, very happy you are back.


I kept watching for you, almost every day. So glad to see you write again and very thankful that there was no drama that kept you from it for awhile. I appreciate all the experience, strength, and hope you've shared.


Welcome back Mr. SP...you were missed very much!! Thanks for returning...hope you can stay for a while...:)

Bobby D.

Hmmm. You sure about not being abducted?

Well, if you start having flashbacks—call your sponsor!


David S

Reading all the well wishes for your unceremonious departure leaves me vacant and curious..
No drama? No decision to withhold? No ego?
You obviously are not the alcoholic of my type..
Nevertheless we embrace your impish wit back and will sit with bated breath waiting for your next unceremonious departure, all the while enjoying your musings. Glad you're back.


I almost teared up when I just checked in and saw a recent date! I am so relieved you are okay. It's funny to have been so worried about someone I don't personally know! Anyway, glad you're back :)


Welcome back. Color me emberressed that I stopped checking back daily. I checked and saw several posts. I was really happy. My flesh and blood sponsor is moving to the east coast in a few weeks. I was beside myself. This brings a little solace.


Thank you.

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