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January 24, 2012


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I find the definition of binge drinking setting a very low threshold that likely includes many non-alcoholics. Many of my "normal" drinker friends at work would have at one time drank five or more drinks in a short time. Maybe I have heard to many stories in the rooms to buy this clinical definition, but I don't give it much credibility. Interesting, yes.


This is the statistic I've always wondered about, when hearing of any study concerning alcoholics: How many alcoholics told the truth when asked how much alcohol they consume(d).

cathartic writer

I would prefer to be and alcohol abuser rather than an alcoholic. I wonder how many alcoholics claim to be just an alcohol abuser.

Daisy Anon

Hmm, I don't know. I was a binge drinker I suppose and did not classify myself at that stage as a real or even potential alcoholic. Although I might have admitted to abusing alcohol.

I felt the bar on these sort of questionnaires/surveys were ridiculously high. :)

At some point I crossed a line. And I was only saved by AA. Despite trying every other possible method, as described in the Big Book!

But I was a high functioning/high bottom alcoholic so I have to work hard at remembering that I did cross a line and cannot go back.

I don't want to find out how real my alcoholism could get.


Eight drinks at a time, 4 days a month??!!! What a bunch of lightweights! If that's all I drank, I wouldn't have gone to AA and bothered to get sober. At its worst, my drinking was more like 30 drinks a day, 29 days a month.

Owen Lowe

A simple alcohol abuser can be very different from an alcoholic. They differ according to how frequent each person drinks every day and how many bottles or glasses are consumed.

signs of alcohol addiction

binge drinking is pretty tricky, a one can think that he is partying or relaxing occasionally, but psychologists say that it's a first sign of an alcohol addiction. of course it won't lead to alcoholism in 100% of cases, but still... be aware.

Ann Hall

This problem must not be taken for granted by the people in America. The population is getting bigger, so, the rate of alcoholism must be lessened.

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