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December 12, 2011


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Thanks again! I have a slightly irky reaction when people, after having something good happen, announce, "That's God working in my life!"
I believe the Big G is always working in our lives, when things we perceive either as "bad" or "good" happen...and who says those things are about us, anyhow?


I agree. I have had more painful life experiences in sobriety than I did drinking. That's life. If I saw those as punishments, which at times I have, I would go to a very dark place. I cannot afford to go there (for very long).


I understand where you are coming from but what attitude should one have toward God then? I think one of gratitude. I didn't get myself sober and I don't, even by my sober actions in the program, remove my defects by myself. I should take those actions, although I cannot take them perfectly (I can't write out a perfect fourth or a set of perfect tenth steps), but despite my failings in "working the program" something is added to me, and that is the power of my higher power. This can come from sitting in meetings, often and identifying with others and developing a sense of empathy for them. So there is some truth to the old saying "Don't' drink and go to meetings" although for me it is necessary to do more. If recipe means a guide, which is not perfect and cannot be followed perfectly, than OK. But there really is no recipe for spiritual awakenings, believe we don't control it nor is there a "manual for life", not really, since life is too big for that. I have found the Big Book and 12 and 12 and AA principles to be a great guide and to have assisted me, along with therapy and other spiritual paths. The stories in the earlier editions of the Big Book seem to convey this tentative, not perfect, program. AA got very loose around the 80s but now I think we emphasize discipline so much we are "easing God out."

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