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November 30, 2011


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I'm thinking about acceptance.

John M

I had almost convinced myself not to go to my regular meeting this week because 'that person' might be there. Thanks for the wake up call!


Well that was a good post. I was happy to see my favorite wordsmith back at the keyboard. Hope you had a pleasant thanksgiving. Thanks again.


Aah. This one brought tears as I remembered my own emotionally messed up Dad making us kids stand at attention while he lectured us on proper behavior. For hours. (He'd even take breaks and leave the room with instructions we continue standing.) Still...I would have been right there with you fidgeting and judging. Next time someone makes me feel oh-so-superior I hope I remember your post.

Let Go, Let God

Great post.


Thank you for the reminder. Intolerance is a major defect of mine. I learn a lot from it (about myself and others) if I practice the program, so thank you for this.

Barack Obama

But don't you realize that the entire purpose of AA is to get lots of phone numbers and call a bunch of people every day and yak about how you're feeling? It has NOTHING to do with re-examining your relationship to the human race or developing any self-control...


i've had similar things happen to me, i love it when it happens. thanks for reminding me again


Thanks for remiding me that my patience, tolerance and compassion is finite and I need to fill up often. Damn that ego...

marjie douty

thanks. I needed to hear that.

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