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September 21, 2011


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I think that she will remember.


Well done, you large, somewhat ridiculous and mildly flamboyant middle aged man.


I needed to learn that lesson today.


I wish I had a boss who taught me that lesson when I was 21 and telling the customers who would urge me to smile..."I'm not here for your entertainment." You did her a great favor even if it doesn't last right now...she will have the concept in her mind to tap into at a later date.


ok, *blowing my imaginary bangs*, I get it...I'll smile more daggone it. Thanks again Mr. SP. Happy Wednesday *SMILE*

Robert G

Wonderful. Thank you!

carol f

Mr. SP...will you be my boss?


Nice! Practicing the principles in ALL of our affairs. Great example!

The "will not" who did!

Oh man. The dime just dropped. No wonder I say that I'm blessed to have a life second to none and better than most -- since I worked the steps, I've found that people are so much nicer. Many of them now tell me that I'm always so positive. I guess I smile alot. But I can't help it! I have lots to smile about. And all the time it's just been a reflection of the smile on my face. How cool is that?

Thank you, my friend. This one's a keeper! And I can't wait to try it on a pigeon some day!


yet another gem. thanks good guy...

Tricia C

Well done.

Debbie G

Loved this!


Thank you for sharing a way to make my day better and to live a sober day by doing the opposite to get a different result.

You showed patience, kindness and tolerance. You inspired me to do the same. You showed me the benefit of patience- really giving someone else the tools to grow and to have a better outcome.
Bless you for working IT


Awesome! Way to go!!

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