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September 14, 2011


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Well, today you can look at life through a clean and clear pair of glasses.


I don't know that I would have had your aplomb. Maybe if I had made it to the last disc of the program. But, wait, I have made it to that last disc--step 12. Yes, I think that I could handle it with a little bit of extra time locked in the office. Cameras be damned.


I am learning about acceptance and letting go. They both keep me from continually trying to orchestrate my life and thoughts. Thanks for honestly sharing.


Thanks Mr S for reminding me of many thim
Ngs that need to remember: 1 There are crazy people in the world. 2 everyone should be treated with dignity. 3 everything will eventually work itself out. And most important 4 staynout of the way and letbthings happen.

Great to see you flexing the writing muscle today.

Love GIA


Sorry about the typos. I have to stop using this damn iPad.


Footwork vs. Control. Brilliant! I hear the concept "do the footwork" discussed a lot in meetings. I thought I understood this concept just fine, and found myself just not being very good at it. But, reading this now enlightens me to the fact that it's not the (lack of) footwork that I'm lousy at; it's the control part where I'm having the problem. In other words, it's not so much the footwork itself that I'm not good at doing. It's the idea that I don't want to do footwork that I don't know what it will lead to; I want to control the process and the outcome! I don't want to invest in the necessary energy to do the footwork if I can't know (or control) the outcome. My controlling brain just exhasts myself without really even doing any work. This also lines up with the saying, "stay out of the results." This is all third step stuff!!! Wow! Furthermore, in my 7th step prayers, I was bringing character defects like overwhelmingness, laziness, worry, entitlement, and procrastination to God; while these are still very true for me, I need to add CONTROL to the top of the list! Thank you for helping me gain some insight today… now, maybe I'll get off my ass and do a some non-controlling footwork! :)

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