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August 22, 2011


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I've never come across anything here that I would be offended by. But I've sure read some stuff that made me think a bit harder.

It seems, for some, that the concept of "Live and Let Live" doesn't come easy. Too bad for them.


Darn! I missed all the fun.

Now I am going to have to spend hours searching the comments to try and spot where the deletion was made. :)

I will have to be more diligent in my reading in future.


I too like how what you say helps me think in a different way, even about housekeeping. In all our affairs, thoughtful, honest, important, necessary, kind... Thanks Mr SP.


The i in THINK can also stand for intelligent, I read your posts but often skip the comments. You do good work here.


Not typically a big comments reader. No harm on this side of the street.


Me too, DaisyMay. What a loss. Another person I sent here pointed me to comments as value. Takes all kinds. Though a loyal reader I seem to be slow getting through the archives. Glad they are there for rainy snowy days.

Ivan Toblog

Gosh, now I'm sorry I only looked at the comments when I was posting one myself.
And, of course, I only have opinions, never passing judgment... wink, wink.

Suzie Z.

Tell me who is picking on you and I will hunt them down. I read your blog faithfully. It gives me guidance to a way of life that I aspire to have. A long sober one. Thank you for your service work! God Bless You.


Hmmm. I think you did well in saying what needed to be said. You've mastered the old Al-Anon adage: "Say what you mean--but don't say it mean!"

The blog world is full of what my sponsor used to lovingly refer to as "Summer People," meaning "Summer sicker than others!" (Big Grin!)

We love ya. And again, i support your decision, while admiring your "love and tolerance...."

I missed the offending comment. And for that I am truely grateful!


The conventional program wisdom, "Take what you like and leave the rest" applies as equally to your blog, Mr Sponsor Pants. There's no need to leave disparaging comments about other people in this forum.

Thanks for keeping it real.

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