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May 19, 2011


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It seems that a boundary is something for me, not another person.


Thanks for the reminder about this, Mr. SP.

Pearl Ruby

I've been taught (shown?) that when I'm setting a boundary, I'm setting it for you. As though I can put up a line that you will not cross. If you were actually willing and/or able to honor that line, I would never need "to set a boundary" in the first place; therefore, it will inevitably be crossed. Perhaps not intentionally, perhaps not maliciously, but it will indeed be crossed. Undoubtedly what will follow is I will then deem your behaviour "unacceptable," and I will proceed to slowly, but surely, kill you off. When I begin to do that, I begin to stop listening to what God would have me be. The better exercise, for me, is to love you precisely where you are at this moment, realizing that you, like myself, are indeed spiritually sick.

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