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April 01, 2011


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Have a fine weekend, Mr S.P.

Jessie R.

NICE I love the cell phone suggestion!

Jayne Dough

"their lives are exactly how they want them to be."

That could quite possibly be true.

I tend to relate to it in a little bit of a different way: PART of me wants/ needs/ frantically holds on to keep (whatever destructive behavior or side effect) while A DIFFERENT PART OF ME longs to have (a rich, free, fulfilling, balanced, rewarding life complete with side effects that come with it).

It's not always that, say, I really do want to stay fat, but perhaps rather that the parts of me that over-rely on ice cream as a source of pleasure & comfort are too ingrained and the parts that rely on jogging as a source of comfort & pleasure are entirely absent. Also, "unworked material" (like an inability to keep good boundaries, so that the fear of being thin = fear that all men, like my stepfather, will have their way with me sexually & I'll be unable to stop them, so instead I try to dis-interest them by being fat instead) can have an impact.

Or I may truly WANT to live in a mansion with pretty girls who use me for my money... a SIDE EFFECT of obscene wealth and showy lifestyle... but that doesn't mean I'm ABLE to work, save, learn and invest (ie, to do the cumbersome, difficult & lengthy footwork) that would lead to acquiring the wealth that enables the SIDE EFFECT of money to waste on rich digs.

Mr. SponsorPants

Very well put, Jayne. Very well put.

Let Go, Let God

My life is exactly the way I want it to be. I get that part, and whether I'm liking that part or not at the moment, I get to look at that. Thanks for a wonderful post. I always come back to see what you say next. Have a great day, my friend.

Texting God

So cool to see your suggestion to call God. I'm newly sober (in my first year) and struggled with feeling connected to prayer. And remembering it! About four mths into sobriety my dad passed away. Shortly after, I thought, I have this phone all the time, I wish I could figure out a way to text prayers to God. I called my dad's old cell to see if it had been reassigned and it hadn't. So, I started texting prayers to God through that. It helped a lot to make an intangible more tangible.

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