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April 25, 2011


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Thanks for this, I've spun like this quite a few time based on over use of slogans and generalizations of what people should do instead of members sharing their personal experiences reflecting the solution as it came into their life through the practice of the principles and traditions.

Thank God it's still progress as I see more and more of the defect in my perceptions and my judgments.


I love that you share these tidbits, I used to call them bumper-sticker slogans....funny how useful these things are.


That slogan has just never worked for me. Of course my WORST day drinking was worse than any days I've had sober, but the slogan is people saying that their worst day SOBER is still better than their best day drinking/using. For me, that's just not true. I did have some very good days drinking, and I've had some really rough days sober. I think it can be dangerous to set up a standard whereby each and every day in sobriety is supposed to be better than every day in addiction. For me, I think about overall (for significant lengths of time), how do things compare. And for that, it's no contest at all-sobriety's SO much better.


No brainer- if you have recovered. I have a relationship with God today that from day one has been better than any I've ever had on any kind of day drinking. I wouldn't ever trade that for anything. So yes, definitely I would never trade my worst day sober for my best day drunk for that would mean NO relationship with Him. :)

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