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April 19, 2011


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I feel like that when I see things about my religious beliefs misrepresented, belittled, trivialised,parodied, etc.

Unfortunately I also know that I and others of my faith have done our share of contributing to these stereotypes.

Jessie R.

This all resonates inside me today. Truth! :) thank you!


Step nine also can relieve others of the mental anguish they may still have from your whacked alcoholic behaviors.


I saw that show! I love that show! The resident recovering alcoholic and I discussed those exact scenes! We had the same reaction you expressed at first. After sitting and talking about it a while we likened it more to the co-workers being more like his "family" than co-workers which would kind of explain the types of confessions and requests for forgiveness based on a familial type relationship. (Because everyone knows that you should always disect a tv show as if it were real) But the discussion did bring up the topic of stalkers and abusers who while in jail write to their victims expressing a desire to 9th step when it is in reality a cover up for their own selfish way of trying to having control over their victims yet again.
My mother always told me that there are three parts to an apology - 1) Saying I'm sorry 2) Asking if I can do anything to make up for it and 3) Doing what is asked of me even if that means leaving the person the heck alone.

Sometimes an apology is better left unexpressed regardless if it is a step or not if the act of presenting it causes more pain to the recipient. Love this post.

Let Go, Let God

I like what Tyler said.


Thank you Mr. SP! I saw that episode as well and was extremely concerned by his "amends". I kept thinking to myself, "Clearly he did not review his amends with his sponsor. Does he even have a sponsor? A big book sponsor?" As you mentioned it's not appropriate to force amends on anyone. We heal through seeing and acknowledging the truth that our alcoholism has harmed not only ourselves but others as well, and having the willingness to set things right. If we make the attempt and the other person is not willing to hear the amends, our side of the street is clean. The episode also brought to mind the sentence in the 12 & 12, "...we must be sure to remember that we cannot buy our own piece of mind at the expense of others."

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