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March 01, 2011


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Bobby D.

I've struggled for years to try to change myself--to rid myself of character defects, to be more (fill in the blank with whatever virtue I think I must have). But I've always failed miserably.

Finally I realized that the seventh step says, "Humbly asked HIM..."

So I've revised my views on what I can change about myself. As a friend said once, "The only thing I can change about myself is, I can change my mind..."

(And God does the rest... How cool is that?!)

Mr. SponsorPants

I couldn't agree with you more, my friend... yet I can be prone to sitting on the sofa, asking God to change me and then waiting for something to happen. The "me change me" part is really that I do the footwork, and then somehow HP slips in there and does the changing... I so identify with the sentiment of "struggling for years to be more _____" and failing at that. It's not about my will power, but it is about my participation in the process, too. That's a better way to express what I was trying to say. As always, it's the 'us' that helps make a message of recovery clear.
Cheers! :-)



Bobby D.

And you're right about the footwork! When we see a duck gliding across the glassy surface of the water it seems so... serene, and... effortless. But just under the surface those little webbed toes are madly paddling away!

Now I know how those old-timers made it look so effortless. "We're sober by the steps we take, not the meetings we make..." they used to tell me.

And they were right. (Grin!)

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