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March 07, 2011


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right on!

MS. Sponsorpanties

Sometimes the answer to my prayers come from the strangest places. Thank you.

carol f

Good morning Mr. SP, you little dollzer you. I love that photo. But, I just wanted to share that I heard a priest/one of us speak last night in a churchly context. The back story is that the feeling of inadequacy is one of my biggest character defects in my 4th step inventory. But this priest said that I was right. I am not enough. I am never enough. I can't be enough on my own. BUT with the help, love, guidance and nurturing of my higher power which is always available to me if only I'll allow it, I am completely adequate and able to fulfill my role in this kingdom. I thought that was an interesting twist on this message. We have what we need to do what God wants us to do if we rely on God's help. The speaker said our role here is to be nurturing, forgiving figures in the world. You are doing a great job with that. All the best. Thanks for all your effort on this blog.

Jayne Dough

I remember sharing once, about 20 years ago, just after I finished my BA, that I had an interest & desire to be a professional counselor, but I could just sense that "there's something inside that I'd need to do that but I don't have. I don't mean my self esteem is too low... but something is missing."

When the person I'd been sharing this with told me "You're clean now and that means you can do anything you want; you can't let your low self esteem stop you" I felt disappointed inside: I knew I'd been not-heard.

I've had several of those incidences. It's hard for people to see past the dust storm of their own counseling material to really see/ hear/ be present for the other person.

It's the same thing with being a super warm, huggy, totally at easy with touching others first without even thinking they might not like it. I'm not that way and I've accepted I know far too much about unwanted touch, and am too much an introvert, to have that easygoing, outgoing, touch-first-ask-later hugginess with strangers I've just met.

On the other hand, fragile, touch-frightened people will feel more comfortable with me, as I rarely instigate touch.

Different is not bad and I think it's common for people to forget that.

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