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March 07, 2011


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Jayne Dough

That search item may have given you pause, but for me it was a delightful and laugh-out-loud funny post.

I, too, am stunned, at times, to find what words people type in to get referred to my blog.

Blogger has a similar "Stats" counter and I find that only a few ever read my most recent post(s); most link to either (a) old posts about, (b) photos (especially now that I've learned to label them well before I upload them), or (c) Big Book Jeopardy.

Your blog is a delight, MSP.

Jayne Dough

(a) = old posts about codependency

MS. Sponsorpanties

Ya nailed it again Mr. SP. And I love the pic!


Thanks for posting this. I think that it will help more than the Google searcher. The secrets can be killers. All based on fear I think.

Ivan Toblog

Most folks find their way to my blog while searching brown noser.

Thanks for the five days each week.


You rock. That's all.

Bobby D.

The irony is not lost on me. The earnest desire to help has helped YOU immensely. How cool is that?!!

And still better -- you've sparked something deep inside of us. That perhaps dim memory of what kept us coming back, what won us over, and still lives on strongly in our fellowship:

Unconditional Love.

Thank you my friend. Thank you for caring so deeply. You touch my heart.


I love looking at the words people search to get to my blog and often blog about those subjects. Google analytics gives me every single keyword/phrase.

The other day somebody came to my blog by searching on "Why are all artists addicts?" Waiting for a day when I have a lot of time in order to answer that one...

Maybe it's just my journalism training, but you can be sure that if one person asked that question, many others have asked it in different ways, or want to ask it, or want to know the answer but haven't yet asked the question... It's great that you're answering it. Not all questions come via email. Most people are AFRAID to write. xo G

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