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March 10, 2011


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I know that thinking. It is astounding how childlike that thinking is. "If I wish hard enough, it will go away" to "If I rationalize or lie enough, what I did will go away".

Julie. B

OOoooohhhhhh, or my old favorite: "I was entiltled to behave badly because you did first/you hurt my feelings/you owe me/the world owes me/my shoelace broke"

recovering jezebel

"You honestly think that if you have a good enough reason for why you do something the reason actually changes the something you did." Wow—that makes certain aspects of alcoholic behavior so much more painfully, crystallinely clear. I'm going to be saying this one over and over to myself for a long, long time. Thank you.

Jayne Dough

"No, I don't speed. Those times I got a ticket, I was running late."

Because, as we know, speeding is defined as.... going over the speed limit AND getting caught AND not being late.

So that if one does goes over the limit, without being late, and without getting caught, it's NOT "speeding."

Thanks for the EXCELLENT example, MSP.

I heard a similar one recently: I'm not a sex addict because I only have affairs with people (who I don't like or respect or want to have sex with) FOR THE PURPOSE OF avoiding my unhappy feelings. So, therefore, since I'm not actually enjoying my regularly occurring extramarital sex, I'm not a sex addict.

This is why addiction thrives in isolation: with no reality check we convince ourselves our changed definitions are valid.


Three meetings in, so a bit of a novice (ok, a TOTAL novice) but this really struck a chord. You haven't been following me, have you....?

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