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February 21, 2011


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"Not a lot of Nobel Peace Prize Winners got their recognition from going on a series of benders, for example."

IMHO, this is probably not the best example to use.

Nobel Peace Prize winners, yes, however:

Fully 5 of the 7 American Nobel Laureates in Literature were active alcoholilcs (think Faulkner, Fitzgerald). Many Pulitzer prize winners were also alcoholics, btw.

Another one is Kary Mullis, who is well known for his love of LSD and other hallucinogens and went so far as to claim that had it not been for LSD he never would have discovered the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) for which he won the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

I'm not trying to insinuate that alcohol can help one win a Nobel Prize, but clearly, there have been alcoholics who were very high achievers.


I'm glad you spoke in the first person Mr. SP. However, a lot of people DO leave AA after a stretch of sober time and remain sober.



"I would always easily remember that drinking coffee = a one-way ticket to sail on the U.S.S. Poo."

Again, I think this is an unconvincing analogy.

What you are illustrating is a fairly straightforward cost/benefit analysis. In this example, the costs of coffee (explosive diarrhea) clearly outweigh the benefits (i.e. a mild stimulant action and a tasty beverage).

The *perceived* benefits from alcohol, though, are far greater than those of coffee--it provides the user an ability to ignore life's problems for some amount of time. Moreover, once a person becomes alcohol dependent, the brain equates continued usage as being elemental for survival. In this instance, the cost/benefit analysis is skewed so far towards usage that the analysis is no longer rational.

Put more succinctly, because the psychogenic action of coffee is so limited, it is easy to be rational about its use and discontinuation if necessary. This is not the case for alcohol and other drugs.

But you know that....

Ivan Toblog

May I engage in a little cross-talk?
Despite what the other commenters say, your point is what's important, not how you get it across. Without regular attendance at meetings it is difficult to remember it is not our friend.

Ms. Sponsorpanties

Bravo Mr. SP!

When anyone anywhere reaches out for help I want the hand of AA to be there. And for that I am responsible.

regardless of how much sober time I have.

Bobby D.

Wow. What an interesting bunch we have here. Pesonally, I applaud your attempt to explain the threefold disease and two of the best reasons why we keep coming back.

Please don't be discouraged by those who poopoo your simple analogies (oh yes--pun intended!), my friend. We all forget to keep it simple sometimes, but you didn't. It made sense to me!

I'm afraid I am one of those who unfortunately has been educated far beyond what my intelligence can handle, but this one thing is true:

The more I learn
The less I know!

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