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February 28, 2011


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'You don't have to ask someone to be your sponsor to start calling them and asking for help, or talking to them about something that is troubling you, or discussing something from AA you want input on'

I think this is really important -- your sponsor doesn't have to be the ONLY person you talk to in AA, and not everyone can be all things to all men so it's a good idea not to make your sponsor a guru. And if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out -- there's no reason to stay in a relationship like that if it's not benefiting both of you. I feel I don't see those points emphasized enough a lot of the time, and MRSP is great (as usual) at gently underlining them.

Something else I found useful -- at some meetings (not all), before the start, as part of business the chair will ask people willing to sponsor if they will stand up (sometimes it's "people with x years sobriety who are willing...." &c). That can make it a little easier to approach someone after the meeting since they're publicly identifiable and can't get away! (HA.)

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