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February 18, 2011


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Thanks for the reminder.


Sometimes the weight of opposition to those things I'm not get so much brighter than what I am...

Especially when I'm plugging along as best I possibly can, the trudge is kinda trudgy instead of dancy already and the news that brings the "I'm now FUBAR'D without God stepping in" feeling comes. Makes me wanna say,

Jesus God, I surrendered to your will, I'm workin with yer kids, I'm doing all the stuff it says to do, I'm receiving positive feedback in so many places...the promises SAID...

And I forget...

His will not mine be done.

I just wish his will didn't look like me strugglin' so much of the time. :oP

Let Go, Let God

All of those numbers are tricky for me, you said it so perfectly--I am just who I am--today. Thank you for writing this.


Reading this post is good timing (funny how that often happens). It helped me maybe figure out why I'm feeling crabby today. And more importantly, hopefully subside the crabbiness by putting things back in the proper order. Thank you.

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