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February 17, 2011


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Debbie G.

LOL. So right there with you. And so grateful it is progress not perfection. Thanks for helping me start the day over!

Jessie R.

LOL :) Yup that's about right

Brent Pulford

I took an ailing friend to a meeting tonight. Here in Toronto it's cold. Nobody blames you if you decide not to brave the elements; to stay in; to ignore the call of the suffering alcoholic, drinking or not. But I knew this guy couldn't get out to meetings without some help. So I climbed on the subway, transferred to a bus and eventually made it to his apartment. I wasn't particularly thrilled to be out but I had said I'd do it, so in spite of myself, there I was. He, on the other hand, was thrilled. Regardless of the weather, he was looking forward to some fellowship. We took a cab to the meeting arriving in enough time to have a smoke outside and say a few hellos. Then it was indoors, thank God, to hear the speaker, shake some hands afterward, sip some more questionable coffee then head back. When I got home I felt something that's all too rare for me these days, content. Good for having been of service. Good for having made somebody else just a little more important than me; for being helpful. Now I know that's the seed from which the flower of AA sprung, but it is so easy to forget. But last night and today I'm grateful for the reminder.

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