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February 01, 2011


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My club of fear/self-negativity is amazingly heavy to carry around, but becomes light as a feather when I pick it up. Yes, HP thank you for the fellowship, 12 steps and meetings for the strength and perspective I need. I would loose connection with the Boss permanently.


Standing ovation to you Mr SP. You have written my life for the last couple of weeks.

Thanks to AA, and especially your blog I have been able to deal more constructively with things that would have caused me to self destruct with fear and paranoia previously.


I knew that you would do well and that the "kids" would come to respect you. I am glad that you wrote about negative thinking. It happens to me and is fear motivated--"I'm not good enough", "I fucked up again", "No one likes me" and so on. All fear based tapes that are replayed from so many years. I am grateful to know that now and work on not reacting to those whispers of fear. Thanks for sharing your journey here. You are walking through the fear just fine.


It is all the same...work, relationships, friendships! We are all crazy and your talking about your journey sheds light on us!


Thank you for allowing me a peek into your life.

Scott W

I say that. I know I am crazy. When my mind wants to have its way, when it wants to tell me to be pissed off for no reason. Evidence.

But 'This Too Shall Pass' has served me well. Along with the practice of gratitude, only prayers of gratitude, all the AA work and some other spiritual insights I am turning that stuff around. It works. It really does.

Debbie G.

I really appreciated this post. If I really look at it, it is always fear fueling my negativity, but my pride refuses to call it that. So instead of acknowledging and dealing with the fear, I choose to stay stuck. Sheesh, how sick is that? I for one am glad it is the beginning of "insanity" month around here (Step 2). I definitely need to listen.


I absolutely relate! I think it is so common in stinky thinkin. I know I first assume, sometimes react, and then catch up to reality. I have told myself to sit in the fire - a way to breathe, take a break, and really consider the situation objectfully so I can avoid staying in crazy thinking.


Congratulations, that's wonderful! You deserve it!

Yes, you are crazy. So are all of us. But you help us be not-crazy. :-) Thank you so much for posting this blog.

David H.

My God man u described whats been going on in my head. I was starting to fall for being terminally unique.Thank u for getting me back on the beam!


Connections..I have to share this. I'm an Al-anon with a mother who will have 11 years in 13 days. We had a major (read that MAJOR) falling out 3 years ago. I did not see her for 3 years. I emailed you about this and so much appreciated your experience. Because of the divine help you speak of, I am now able to text my mother who is 1000 miles away, alone in her house with 2 dogs, snowed in deep. She knows her thinking is what gets her buggy so she says our txt conversations have helped her. Because of the connections in these rooms, my mom and I click, really click, now. You know how grateful I am. Thank you.


I love the practice you described of sitting through the negative thoughts and not acting on them. For me this is key to being restored to sanity.


The thing is, when we have these thoughts we are so convinced that that they are true -- that we are *right* about it.

Recovery gives us the chance to step back, wait and see, what checks out as the *real* reality, just as your example illustrates.

Thank you for demonstrating the method. Thank you for sharing so honestly. Keep on keeping on.

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