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January 06, 2011


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You rock. Thanks for telling us how you put the Steps into Action. :)


I read through your post and was shaking my head and agreeing with you.
Then I scrolled down and saw the picture and laughed my butt off.


One of the things I have discovered in my sobriety, is the profound affection I have for weepy old things..expecially the cuddly kind. Like "two fat people living in a small boat...."1

Nothing like a 4th to give perspective! I used to hate them, but now I love it because to often it is the medicine I need. 10th is OK for a spiritual vitamin, yet the 4th is perfect to help me get rid of serious sobriety infection. Love ya!


I am glad that practicing the principles in all affairs works. When I can look at my part, which is mostly fear, I see that the resentment is a bunch of hot air.


Hurrah, standing ovation to you Mr SP.

See you here tomorrow as per the deal.


Mr.SP, thanks so much for sharing this experience with your avid readers. I myself am an older worker who has recently become re-employed. It is in my same field but is in a totally different culture and I have been in deep distress (well let's be honest, deep resentment) about my shortcomings in being able to meet my "numbers". Finally when I realized it was FEAR that was driving my days I made a concerted effort to short-circuit the fear when it comes up, take a break, and then move on instead of being paralyzed by fear. It seems to be working. Of course I didn't come to this realization all by myself...my sponsor and other AA colleagues helped me recognize it. Yippee...the program works...it really does!


Oh. My. God.

# 8, #7, #4, #1. ROFLMAO. Seriously, I nearly died.

You are the funniest man alive. I sincerely hope you write that book. Or perhaps a late night show on the upcoming AA network. Or both.


Don't get me wrong, all the other non-funny stuff was good too. Just sayin.

Ironic it is that while I was reading yesterday's post and trying to respond, I got a call about a (much-needed) job in the food industry as well. My first impulse was to be not as grateful as I should be, but then I focused on the computer screen and the penny dropped...

Irony is so ironic.

recovering jezebel

The bit about the caftans is pure comedy gold.

And also—good for you for reaching down to the deepest fears and giving them loving attention. And for finding the compliment buried underneath the reaction!

You are our hero. If not our Santa.


This reminds me of how many times I've been in the same situation... freaking out at something heard second- or third-hand about myself, or partially about myself (or I imagine about myself--because everything's always about me), and my habitual resentment and victim-status just hooking it right into my fear. Once it's plugged into the fear, it just lights up like Times Square. ... And the tools really do work. much love to you today... and thank HP you're earning $$. G


you make me smile, Mr SP


Mr. SP, a good friend suggested I read your blog. I love it. I am a large man over 300 and I could feel the bite about the weight comment. However, I so loved your handling of it and the way you used your tool kit.

Just Me

Awesome job you did there! Proud of you! :-)

The list was hilarious. I think #7 and #8 were my favorites. But what's with the duck? I giggle every time I scroll up and look at it, but I don't get it...what'd I miss?


I happen to think men who are 6'3" and 270 give or take are H-O-T! You are intuitive, reflective, engaging, funny, quick, smart, wise and walking your talk to the best of your ability each day. I'm sure you have your snarking days as we all do, but I just wanted to join the others in lovin' you up!

My sponsor says, "It's none of my business what other people think of me." That statement has transformed my stinking thinking vastly... and I've even felt it to be true once or twice. (snicker) I'm a big fan of the Fourth-on-the-Fly method too. I never cease to be freed by that action. Onward!

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