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December 08, 2010


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:) Thinking is very powerful... it's like the energizer bunny in us alcoholics... a perpetual motion machine! :)

You are a great craftsman! Thank you again!

Jayne Dough

It's not catchy, but I've been incorporating the dictate to neither use nor suicide since my very beginnings of recovery via this phrase:

My goal is to die clean and not by my own hand.

Meaning, I can help myself stay clean, but I'm not allowed to help myself die.

We're a high risk population. This stuff is a real & present danger, even decades in.


There were a couple of funerals in 2010. It's so abrupt, so sudden, when one of us goes. Jayne is right, it's a real and present danger and knowing this helps me stay vigilant with my recovery.


"I want to die sober.
Oh my God, right now?"
Hilarious. I remember how dramatic I was in very early sobriety. I am still pretty much like that, but I can look back and laugh at all the things I said and felt. DRAMA!

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