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December 17, 2010


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This is good. Very good. Just what I needed to read. Thanks for sharing.


OMG This is a great reflection to have started my day with.

I'm becoming aware of so much yucky selfishness in me in this area!

Thank you again! This blog continues to be a great touchstone of wisdom!

Jayne Dough

Dude! I've read great (and funny) AA wisdom, but I hadn't thought of this as a place for an awesome CoDA/-Anon message.


Annie Mouse

while my mo is still to do the big exit, i finally got the fact that it's about me and not them. that will make it easier to smile before it gets to the slammin' door! And yes, it is workin' for me. and I am gettin' better. Thanks for your wisdom.


I've been really struggling with this. It is becoming very clear that healthy boundary setting is not one of my strong suits. I struggle to even know what one is. This helps a lot.

Many thanks.

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