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December 29, 2010


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"My point, and I do have one..." :>

I'm guessing you no longer believe "that God is like some kind of mean school marm, doling out lessons which I must puzzle out, and if I don't I'll be punished and then doomed to another, harder version of the same lesson." Neither do I.

I do think that whatever we avoid dealing with (or shove our will against, in our own bumbling way) comes back to us for more practice in dealing with it. :>

My sponsor used to tell me there were no wrong answers, to proceed as the way opened, that more would be revealed, and that I was right where I was supposed to be with this hard decision.

Which was maddening. But today I understand what she was saying. And today I can face a tricky decision and ask myself if I'm working my program, if I'm being honest, and if my ability to be kind extends to myself.

Today I also think of God as the best and kindest in all of us, helping each other through. That doesn't mean some decisions aren't hard. Easy does it.

Annie Mouse

love the questions. falls in the "things that make ya go hmmmm" category. I especially liked "what am I trying to control or avoid". Thanks for the insight.

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