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December 15, 2010


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Just yesterday, our noon meeting was about the fellowship. No one mentioned about the fellowship getting us drunk and I don't recall ever hearing that excuse. Yet.


So, I probably shouldn't encourage you (?), but this made me laugh (out loud) about four times. That is about four times more than I laugh out loud on any given day.

"Crocodile Dundrinkin'"? Oh.My.Goodness.

God certainly blessed you with a wise-ass sense of humor.


LOL, And I thought I would be able to look forward to getting BETTER as time moves on...LOL

I have to admit to that behavior myself, more frequently than I would like.

restraint of tongue and pen... not my strong suit YET!

God willing and enough humbling experience...

Thanks Mr SP!

Bill B

Thank you Norman. This is something I can never be reminded about enough- the best possible source of emotional stability for me is God himself. I need to constantly be reminded when I really depend on my HP I will have an inner peace that cannot be deeply shaken by the shortcomings of others.

Bobby D.

Oh.my.goodness is right!

And the funny part is that you said,"It's our unrealistic expectations, our ego, OUR RESENTMENTS, towards people in AA which will get us drunk." (emphasis supplied)

It's funny because I can so relate!

Ya know, I actually look forward to being a brat sometimes. (I think my turn is coming up soon!)

Thanks MSP. You're a gem!

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