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November 30, 2010


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I like that picture too.


I like that prankery that you both have.

Scott W

I am grateful to know friendships like that.


Curmudgeony...in a big, old, fuzzy bear kinda way.




Jayne Dough

In OA I first heard the holidays called the "Bermuda Triangle": Halloween, T-giving & C-mas.

Later, however, in AA the same phrase was used for T-giving, C-mas & New Yrs Eve.

It's funny how these traditions that are supposed to be so community building come with so very much baggage & personal challenge.

Jessie R.

Thats a great photo!

Thank God for "elder statesmen" who find are planted firmly in meetings, it's conversations like those, and friendships like those that I watch in the meetings, you all are a reflection of how it truly works, ya can't hold a candle to the rapiers who have sharpened themselves sparing with each other and continue to reach out and offer the skill and talent to the newcomers as well.

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