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October 15, 2010


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I can totally relate. It's funny how my disease works. My very very last instinct, or thought for myself is to tell people how I FEEL. And it is exactly in doing that that I am freed.


I'm grateful there's a power that moves beyond my brain, that can make my feet move when my head says...'eh...nah..."

Grateful for sponsorship and big book words that GLOW sometimes when I've prayed for an open mind on a bad day.

Grateful for the miracles that come in those really bad day meetings I go to.

G. RabAnon

Thank you so much for sharing this, MSP.


Thanks for your honesty and openness, MSP. I don't know why hearing that you had a very very bad day gives me hope. I guess knowing that you, with your amount of sobriety and apparent recovery, can still feel really rotten and self pitying at times makes me feel not so bad about my rotten and self pitying times, which are, I must admit, much much less frequent and shorter than they were when I was drinking.


How it works.


I am grateful you shared your experience and the solution. The key for me is in the Action part. It is the hardest part for me as well. You helped me today.



thanks for sharing your experience with us. take care and be kind to yourself this weekend.


Bingo! I didn't want to go to a meeting tonight. I wanted to stay at home with my sick cat. But I went..and I heard whaat I didn't want to hear. Two guys who are dry but bat sh&t crazy where their sharing is like finger nails on the wall.
I left my fear (over the cat) behind and came home with gratitude for my sobriety. Not just dry. Cheers back at ya!

Let Go, Let God

Thank you for this writing. Life is full of different experiences. The program helps me get real about it.

recovering jezebel

I'm sorry you're having a rough time. You're in my measly strange little pagan prayers, for what they're worth. And I hope the tide turns soon—


Dear Mr. SP,

Thank you for sharing that life is life - with or without 20 years. With 20 years has many more tools than without - such as texting yes, when you wanted to sit on the couch. I don't see that as a message of struggle, but of a message of hope.

Have a grateful day!

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