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September 15, 2010


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Way to go, 5 Months! Awesome!

As my sponsor keeps reminding me when I get "discontent" about a certain long timer, "AA is not a hot bed of sanity. Remember, they are sick too and one of God's children."

Annie Mouse

Totally agree with Mr. SP. The 5 monther rocks! And obviously their home group thinks so too, as they were the one asked to sit the panel and NOT the UA on the front row!

Jessie R.

When I sit in a meeting and hear people say the words of the principles but don't see that spirit in them, I'm sick, or they are ... as my former great grand sponsor said, "pray for me and them that we may come together in harmonious action" and keep carrying the message and legacies onward.

Ivan Toblog

I am inspired... I wondered why, even after many years of sobriety, there are AAs who still set up and take down chairs at our Wednesday night meeting. Service as a good example.
Yeah, I will admit to helping, but only because someone else was doing it, too, not because it was my idea. It is now.


In this case, unmitigated ass sounds accurate and kind in my opinion! I may even borrow that description someday. :)

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