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September 16, 2010


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I am very sorry. I have had cats and dogs who have crossed the Bridge. I am struggling with my Clarabelle now who is not doing well. Yet, I am not wanting to think death...not yet. For today, she is at the vet's office, getting medications and being made comfortable. It may be cancer but further tests are needed. I know the feeling of loss and the empty lap. It is so hard.


I'm so sorry for your loss Mr. SP. I was worried about you today when I didn't get to enjoy your daily post this a.m. Hoping for an extra dose of sunshine to come your way today.


My condolensces.
I'm a lifelong cat person and have 3 of them now. Or, they have me.

recovering jezebel

I just saw the post headline in my feed and cried out OH NO and now I read the post and am crying for real. I am so so so sorry. There is nothing like a furry one to show us unconditional positive regard, love and total acceptance. Even if also sometimes accompanied by pissy looks and yowly complaining miaous. It is hard to do the right thing and you did it anyway, and you will miss her, and I am sorry.


I'm so sorry to hear about Lilly. I have a Hannah, who seems similar in temperment to Lilly. I got her when I got clean off my DOC. That cat has seen me through a lot of things, and sat quietly with me a lot of nights of just crying my guts out. She is very definitely a part of my family. I know I have a few years left with her, but I also know that when it's her time, the loss will quite possibly be more than I could bear. I guess that's the contract between people and pets. You know, taking them on, that you will grieve them some day.

As to cunning alcoholics who con people into taking on pets they didn't know they wanted, that's exactly how I wound up with Moody Rudy the Rabbit, who has maloccluded teeth. Yes. I have to take this little rabbit guy to the rabbit dentist. Don't let anyone sucker you into taking any bunnies on.

Thank you so much for sharing Lilly with us. It's really true. Cats ARE people. I'm sorry you lost one of yours.



That was a beautiful tribute to Lilly. I have always had cats and have loved each with open heart. I lost Elliot just after I got sober and it shattered me. But I still have Oscar! I know this is going to sound like pure schmultz, he has been a God send for my sobriety.

I am so happy that you and Baxter and Lilly shared your lives. It's hard to say good bye. Hope vs denial and expectations when it involves a loved one is a very microscopic line. {{Hugs}}



God be with you and that little pain in the ass furball...

I'm sure God will provide just what you need moving on from here to fill that place in your heart... that is lonely for The Evil Old Cat :) God Bless Lilly and her little feline light!


I missed this post and I am both sad and relieved to read it. It is hard to live with our little loved ones and know they are leaving. I know you and Lilly had a great 20 years together (well sometimes when she was not evil) and that is shown by her age alone. Not many cats stick around for us that long. Bless you for taking such good care of her. The sadness will lessen.


So sorry! Loved when you would write about Lily, aka Evil Old Cat cause I have one too. So sorry.


I gotta love a man who is a cat-lover.

I'm sorry to hear she's gone. Glad to hear you were able to be generous to her, as she's been to you. Thanks for letting us know.


My sympathies too....this is beautiful writing about your beautiful kitty. I'm glad you two gave each other so much love.


So sorry, I will miss her too, I felt I knew her through your writings.

A lovely tribute.

Thank you.

David S

Nicely put; as usual. From one animal lover to another I feel your pain. I always remind my friends who also love animals and lose them about how lucky the animal was to have us, as much as we were them. There are a lot of crappy pet owners they could have lived with..

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