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July 12, 2010


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A Grateful Sucker

Once again - you connected with my shame with this punch! May your "small miracle" be multiplied in my life. Please God.

Annie Mouse

bravo! I'm so proud of God, in whom I DO believe, and I'm so proud of you, in whom I learning to believe, and I am so very grateful for this program for making all this belief possible. Sounds like one of those scars made it to the surface and someone (else) was healed.


I'm glad that you were concerned. You have a heart and a mind and a conscience. That is a good thing.

robin d

I DO believe in God and that if I am listening (or reading, as the case may be)I will be shown the way through my old thinking and into new thinking about my old thoughts! lol Thank you for being God's messenger to me today as I go through an assignment my sponser gave me on old and negative thoughts about myself... and thank you HP for all the "burning bushes"


I love this piece. I love experiencing your process of recovery and spiritual transformation through the program. Thank you...

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