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July 06, 2010


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Peter Breslin

Hi, I enjoy your blog and find it thoughtful, useful and insightful. Thanks for sharing your perspectives.

I am often amazed by the very young people coming into recovery. I know several 15 and 16 year olds working in-depth programs, being sponsored and sponsoring, attending meetings and being of real service. Some of these young people were brought in very quickly by killer substances like meth, prescription drugs, cocaine and heroin.

On the other hand, I go to a few meetings a week that are attended by many people with less than 30 days. This is front line, street level recovery for people who have done perhaps their 5th or 6th complete face plant. This suffering is no more poised nor aware nor composed than that of any other crop of alcoholics. Even the "more aware" still very much need to read More About Alcoholism, often several times, often with some real patient conversation.

IMO, it's no easier now to fully concede to one's innermost self than it was 75 or 1500 years ago.



Illicit narcotics seem to do the trick today, getting younger people into AA by the bunch. I guess it's not just alcohol for breakfast anymore, eh?

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