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July 07, 2010


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"For those of us already in the lifeboat, the challenge becomes not buying into the cynical interpretation of this -- but just to stay ready to offer anyone who comes to AA our open minds, hands and hearts, without judgment or agenda.

Even if you didn't much care for their last performance."

Being judged feels terrible no matter who you are. Thanks so much Mr. SP for this kind reminder that applies to those of us in Al-Anon as well. Opening our minds, hands, and hearts without judgment or agenda...this phrase says it all!!! Thank you :)

Sincerely, Robin.

Bobby D.

You just reminded me of why I love to read your blog so much.

I am a writer myself, but I can't tell you how happy (NOT ENVIOUS!) I am that you were given WAY more talent (and wit!) than I was!

This way you do all the work, and I get to read it and go, "YEAH! That!"

Love you Mr. Sponsorpants. Thanks for another wonderful insight/redux/whatever you wanna call it!

Please keep writing.

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